A Russian crew is shooting the first feature film on the International Space Station

The first feature-length film to be shot in space is being filmed after Russian actress Yulia Sherybeld and director Klim Shipenko joined the cinema hall. their movie, the challenge, will feature about 35-40 minutes of scenes filmed on the space station, according to . The film revolves around a surgeon (Sherribild) who goes on an emergency mission to the International Space Station to save the life of an astronaut (Shipenko).

The two astronauts who were already on the International Space Station took a shot as Peresild (or her character) exited the capsule and entered the station. Sherbild and Shipenko will shoot scenes over the next two weeks before returning to Earth on October 17.

Other projects have been filmed on the International Space Station, including , and a short called Tom Cruise hoped for this with the help of NASA and SpaceX, but the Russian team defeated him badly. Russia’s Roscosmos announced a plan to send an actor to the International Space Station shortly after news of the Cruise movie surfaced in May 2020.

Time will tell whether the challenge no good. Regardless, the creators behind the project have carved out a small slice of history.

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