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We just moved to a new house. One of the first things on our to-do list was to paint the entire interior. So for the past week, we’ve had the drawing crew here every single day. However, oddly enough, there is still no new paint on the walls. And to be honest, I have to say I can’t blame you for asking, “Why not?”

Like, what exactly have the illustrators been doing all this time?

Over the past week they’ve been meticulously prepping the walls–sanding all the flaws both large and small, filling in tiny holes and gaps, applying two coats of paint to the ceilings, and carefully going over all the trim. It’s hard work.

When I indicated to the owner how impressed (and grateful) I was at the level of care and attention to detail that was shown, he kindly accepted my kind words and commented, “Okay, step one is actually giving a damn.”

This is the feeling that resonates with me deeply because I wouldn’t care so much about whatever I choose to invest my time in. I am fussy. I know what I love – classic style, great story brands, versatility, perfect design, and craftsmanship. And I’m fine to spend the time researching and researching every aspect of anything – no matter how long it takes.

While I do this exercise routinely in my life, sure, there are instances where there is definitely a lot at stake. For example, mastering a gin martini is not the same as buying a new watch. Don’t get me wrong – both bring great fun, but one is definitely more than an investment!

Which brings me to the watch that’s been getting quite a bit of wrist time lately.

Having given you an overview of what I look for in things in my life, it would make perfect sense for Longines Heritage Classic Sector Dial to check all my chests. Its 38.5mm case completely bridges the gap between old and new. The iconic sectorial dial looks just as new today as it did when it was first introduced. It is a watch that seamlessly transitions between durable casual wear on a brown leather strap and elegant patterns with the grain of a rice bracelet.

I also found myself spending a lot of time – unfortunately intended – admiring the depth of the entire Longines Heritage collection. A few in particular that tickle my fancy are the incredibly stunning Flagship Heritage, the sporty Skin Diver, and the oddly cheerful “Tuxedo.”

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Elegantly Yours Sincerely,

Brian Sakawa
Style has spoken

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