Doctor Who Season 13 Teaser Trailer, Release Date Revealed

Doctor Jodi Whitaker XIII.

It’s time for the thirteenth doctor. After months of harassment, and long shadow Jodi Whitaker and Show Director Chris Chipnal Getting out of Doctor from Next year, BBC revealed only when we will begin the first steps on the road to the end of the doctor. Plus, our first look at Season 13 is in a new teaser.

Doctor fromSeason 13 – unlucky for some – will begin on October 31, 2021. The news was revealed by the BBC after a series of encrypted text and audio messages from a Doctor trying to reach the world from his console room in the TARDIS, and then, oh, Briefly delete more than one official Doctor from Social media accounts. Everything is okay now! Excluding all the monsters and threats to the universe, the Doctor and her friends are about to deal with it.

Instead of a series of standalone tales, each of the eight episodes of Season 13 will be delivered as Part of one big story—Maybe “flux” is annoying here. Aside from paving the way for Whitaker and Chipnall’s exit next year (the duo will pull out in a series of three specials next year, before the show runner returns. Russell T Davis takes over Set in 2023), the season sees the Thirteenth Doctor and Yaz (Mandeep Gill) meet two new friends on their latest epic adventure, one more real than the other. The first is new companion Dan – played by comedian John Bishop – apparently an ordinary human from modern-day Earth. You may remember seeing it for the first time In the end Marking a special New Year’s Day earlier this year,Daleks Revolution. It’s also not the only new addition: first Revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, the main guest actor in the new season game of ThronesJacob Anderson, who will play new future ally Fender.

Doctor from Season 13 begins on BBC and BBC America on October 31.

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