OLED Nintendo Switch comes with a pre-installed screen protector

If you’re going to buy the new OLED Nintendo Switch, it looks like Nintendo was kind enough to pre-install a screen protector for users. Although you may not notice it is there, don’t be tempted to peel it off if you’re already starting to realize it’s there. This is something Nintendo warns about in its Switch guide.

This screen protector is designed to be an anti-shatter protection tool because unlike the old switch modes that used a plastic screen, the OLED switch actually uses a glass screen so the screen protector helps prevent the glass from shattering should it ever break. When dropped or from other accidents.

The good news is that this saves users from having to make an additional purchase of a new screen protector, but for those who want their screen protector for any reason, you will have to install it on top of their existing screen protector.

The company assured The Verge that installing your screen protector would not be a problem. The anti-shatter film will not interfere with the screen protector, so you should be able to install an extra one without running into trouble. In fact, Nintendo already sells its own first-party screen protectors for the OLED adapter if you’re interested, even though they’re $20 which is pricey compared to third-party alternatives.

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