Animaniacs Season Two Hit New York City 2021 With Thundercats Parody

In a clip from the second season of Animaniacs, the Warner Brothers mock '80s cartoon Thundercats.

when Animaniacs He came back with a brand new season on Hulu last year, and the end result was something nostalgic, but not entirely certain. for whom was it. New episodes are only a month away from their release, and the first look at Season 2 might not change your mind either way.

Premiering in the New York Comic-Con series 2021 panel — featuring voice actors Jess Harnell (Wako), Trace McNeil (Dott), Rob Paulson (Yako), and Maurice Lamarche (Brain) — the clip below contains parodies of the Warner siblings Thunder cats.

The ‘80s cats Funny enough skit, only because Paulsen can perform “Thundercats, HOOOOOO!” Surprisingly well. Likewise, the song is very catchy Animaniacs songs, it feels like it’s part of a very late series. Thundercats exist in this strange cultural oblivion now that the clown’s end Thunder roar! And the 2011 anime reboot. If the joke comes soon Hadeer Or if we’re still talking about that movie might happenIt might have hit her harder. Either way, Warners, Pinky and the Brain will do their best during the new 13-episode season: pop culture references, cartoonish mayhem, and the attempt at world domination.

In a press release provided to io9, the only confirmed characters to return from last season are the alienated Starbox and Cindy, the human girl who thinks he’s a strange-looking animal. The press release also raises some “disapproving figures” who were left on the cutting room floor but provides no further information. Maybe he’ll bring back some characters from the original show like Slappy Squirrel? Or do we have to wait until their third season?

Animaniacs Season 2 hits Hulu on November 5.

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