‘Pixel Pass’ may be Google’s answer to the Apple One bundle

Google’s Pixel 6 may be known for how it was bought, not just what it offers. Tech news veteran M Brandon Lee Claims Leaked details of the “Pixel Pass” subscription that will combine phone payments with an Apple One-style service package. Your one monthly fee will include the Pixel 6 plus an extended warranty, Google One, Play Pass, and YouTube Music/Premium. You can attach it to Google Fi if you like, but there will be a version for users who want to choose another carrier.

It’s not clear how much the Pixel Pass will cost. The leaked document suggests it may only be in the US, though we’re not ruling out launches in countries where the full One, Play Pass, and YouTube services are available. Mine It was received Separate information indicates that prices offered in the European Union will start at 649 euros (about $ 750) for the regular Pixel 6 and 899 euros ($ 1,040) for the Pixel 6 Pro.

Google’s advantage would be clear: It could convince Pixel 6 buyers to pay for services they might skip, giving the company recurring revenue rather than a one-time sale. It may also discourage you from jumping to a competitor’s phone by making it more expensive to switch. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you mind. This may ease the stress of buying the new Android flagship, especially if you’re already planning to subscribe to at least one Google service.

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