Amazon’s New Work From Home Policy: Let Individual Teams Decide

Amazon will allow individual managers to limit how often their teams can work remotely as part of its latest back-to-office plan. Like, and, the company had recently planned for its employees to be back in the office by the beginning of 2022. At that point, Amazon said most of its forecasts would have started working at least three days a week. Recognizing the ongoing complexity of the pandemic, the company decided to take a more flexible approach.

“We expect there will be teams that continue to work mostly remotely, other teams that will work a mix of remote work and in the office, while there are still other teams that will decide to provide the best customer service through teamwork in the office,” the Amazon CEO said. Andy and Jassy at Ann told employees that the company is sharing it online.

The company expects that most teams will need a few weeks to develop and communicate their plans. Once they’re ready, Amazon expects they’ll share the details before January 3, the date the company had previously set for employees to return to the office. Of all the office reopening plans we’ve seen in detail in recent months, Amazon seems to make the most sense so far. Factors such as varying vaccination rates and case numbers in different cities and countries have made it difficult to predict how the epidemic will continue to develop.

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