Facebook will ask teens to ‘take a break’ from Instagram

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Facebook has announced new security measures for the Instagram app in response to the storm of criticism it has received Documents And certificate From Detective Francis Hogan.

In an interview with CNN, state of the unionAnd Nick Clegg, corporate vice president for global affairs, On Sunday he said Facebook will roll out three new measures to help improve the experience of at-risk teens on Instagram. The company will allow adults to supervise what teens do online if they choose to do so, and “alert” users who look at a lot of harmful content to different content, directing them Teens “to take a break” from Instagram.

Actions have been introduced as Possible ideas and solutions By Instagram head Adam Mosseri in late September when he announced that the company is the work is stopped In a version of the app for children under the age of 13, Clegg’s announcement on Sunday confirmed that the measures are now part of Facebook’s plan going forward.

“We can’t change human nature,” Clegg said. “You’re always comparing yourself to others, especially those who are luckier yourself, but what we can do is change our product, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

In the interview, Clegg also attempted to frame the Facebook issue as a challenge that society must face together, and reiterated the company’s claim that Instagram is a positive experience for the “vast majority” of teens who use it and suffer from insomnia, anxiety and depression.

However, Clegg’s comments stand in stark contrast to A damn report Published by The Wall Street Journal, which founded her story employment The internal documents that Haugen provided for her. In the documents, Facebook’s internal researchers said the company made body image problems worse for one in three teenage girls who experienced them.

“Teens blame Instagram for increased anxiety and depression,” researchers said in an internal presentation. “This reaction was unconvincing and consistent across all groups.”

The magazine reported that another presentation found that 13% of British users and 6% of American users who had experienced suicidal thoughts followed their suicidal ideation to Instagram. Facebook social networking site quarrel Description of the outlet for his research.

In response to Haugen’s claim that Facebook put a dividend on teen mental health on its platform, Clegg highlighted a $13 billion investment the company has made in security, which is “more than Twitter’s total revenue over the past four years.” He also noted that the company has 40 thousand people or more Twice the number of employees on Capitol Hill, working on these issues.

“Like I said, with the wave of a wand we can’t make everyone’s life perfect. What we can do is improve our products so that our products are safe and fun to use,” Clegg said.

While this all sounds great, when you consider that Instagram is a toxic pseudo-museum despite all the Facebook money and all those people working to make it “safe”, the only reasonable reaction left is disbelief. Disbelief that even with all of these resources, Facebook still manages so ferociously to make younger, more vulnerable people feel bad about themselves.

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