Infinix NOTE 11 Pro has affordable gaming on the horizon

the new Infinix NOTE 11 Pro From Infinix with a focus on affordable gaming. Since Samsung launched its hugely successful “Galaxy Note” smartphones, many OEMs have created “Note” franchises as well, which usually refer to large displays or productivity-oriented phones.

In addition to the multimedia capabilities inherent due to 6.95 inch screenThe gaming capabilities come from the 120 Hz FHD+ display and the new (July 2021) MediaTek Helio G96 computing platform (with 8GB or 11GB of RAM).

The official MSRP for the US market is $249This price will vary slightly by country, so check with your local retailer.

At this price point, I would expect the graphics performance to be relatively tamed, so people should think more about “casual” games rather than “high-end” games (most graphically advanced games). For example, classics like Real Racing 3 should work just fine (30-50 fps).

The sound system looks promising with DTS audio support. When paired with the big screen, it should help provide an immersive experience when playing or watching a video.

I like the industrial design that looks modern and meaningless. Infinix did a great job with this, and it wasn’t immediately apparent that the back cover was made of plastic, not glass.

According to the official specifications, the rear camera system is powered by a 64-megapixel primary sensor and “30X” zoom. The 16MP selfie camera seems decent for the price, but if you want a much better camera system than the Infinix, take a look at the Infinix Zero X series.

Overall, the Infinix NOTE 11 Pro is an attractive looking device (for the price) that allows Infinix to compete in a high-volume and highly competitive market. I see it as more of a multimedia phone than a “gaming” phone, but it all comes down to “graphics performance, per dollar spent” which will be revealed in a full review.

It’s hard to manage a “technical win” situation in these categories by having better specs. Instead, Infinix is ‚Äč‚Äčlikely to take advantage of its brand and marketing power to try to drive some market share out of the competition.

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