Nintendo says the Joy-Con Drift is basically inevitable

Two years after the release of the Nintendo Switch, users started discovering an issue with their Joy-Cons, which came in the form of Joy-Con drifting. This is where the Joy-Con starts to move on its own during gameplay which can cause unwanted movement and movement of the players.

The president of Nintendo later apologized for the problem, but if you’re hoping that means the company will eventually fix the problem, think again. This is because the company seems to think this is an inevitable problem in the end.

This is according to Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Technology Development, Ko Shiota, who said during a question and answer session regarding the new OLED Switch that the problems were akin to tire damage while the car was in motion, something that could not be helped.

However, that doesn’t mean Nintendo isn’t trying to tackle it. According to Chiuta, “So, with the same premise, we asked ourselves how can we improve durability, and not only that, but how can both operability and durability coexist? It is something we are constantly dealing with.”

Nintendo also mentioned in the Q&A that they have investigated the issue and believe it has improved in resistance and durability, so hopefully this won’t be a huge issue in the future.

Meanwhile, a YouTube video earlier this year found that adding a small piece of paper inside the Joy-Con could alleviate the problem, but of course doing so will be done at your own risk.

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