Film and TV workers may start at IATSE on Monday

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last week, the vast majority of the International Alliance of Theater Staff members voted for a nationwide mandate strike– A move that would immediately lead to the cessation of production of films and series throughout the country. Now, the trade union has made it clear that it intends to follow through on its word.

This morning, IATSE President Matthew de Loeb took to his Twitter account to announce that 60,000 union members would go on strike on Monday if talks with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers continued to be stalled.

in a Official press release IATSE’s response to Loeb’s tweets, expressed that while he and his colleagues were more than committed to continuing negotiations with the AMPTP, they felt it necessary to give a specific date for their potential strike, given how months of ongoing talks up to this point had still not led to any substantive agreements.

“However, the pace of bargaining does not reflect any sense of urgency,” Loeb said. “Without an expiration date, we can go on talking forever. Our members deserve to have their basic needs met now.”

AMPTP’s IATSE demands largely focus on higher minimum wages for workers across the board, as well as a more generous allocation of downtime between start and stop times on production days. In addition, IATSE members have been pushing for a more equal rating for streaming production, whose employees typically receive lower wages than their counterparts working in traditional television production. While it is currently unclear how AMPTP might respond to an IATSE escalation, the following steps appear to be easy to understand at this point.

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