Next morning: Someone made an iPhone USB-C

Years ago, I wrote this article about how I really wanted the iPhone to embrace USB-C and pull out its own Lightning connector. This was after the company’s first iPhone Pro models came out with professional-level features, such as surgical-grade stainless steel and three cameras. Fast forward so far, right after the iPhone 13 series launched, and I still don’t have a USB-C iPhone. Fortunately, there are engineers who love a challenge.

On his YouTube channel, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology student Ken Bellonel teased an iPhone X with a USB-C port, promising a full video later on how to do it. In an earlier video, he also showed how he reverse engineered a Lightning connector, pulled an integrated circuit from a third-party cable and connected it all to a USB-C connector. Yes, this is not something most of us should experience.

It’s certainly possible for Apple to do the same, given that the new iPad Pro and mini both have USB-C ports. Europe recently proposed USB-C charging as a standard for all phones and electronic devices – which could speed Apple adoption.

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It said the company had “intentionally violated” the Play Store development agreement.

Google objected to Epic Games about in-app purchases on Fortnite, saying it “willfully violated” the Play Store developer agreement. Epic sued Google in August, shortly after it filed a complaint against Apple, and confronted it. “Epic was unfairly enriched on a Google account,” the company said in its complaint.

In case you forgot, Epic sued Google when it removed Fortnite from its Play Store after a Mega Drop update gave players a way to bypass Play and get discounted items.

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Didn’t we just have an Apple event?

An apple

Apple will hold a second fall product event on October 18 at 1 p.m. ET. The invitation to the default Unleashed presentation doesn’t provide much of a clue, but we’re expecting to see a 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro, powered by improved M1X processors.

Apple may also introduce third-generation “basic” AirPods – headphones we thought we’d see in an iPhone just months ago.

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Motorola Edge (2021) phone review

Improvements where they are needed.

Motorola Edge stood in a puddle of water.


Motorola’s Edge, updated for 2021, still makes compromises but by adding a fast 144Hz display, a more consistent fingerprint sensor and better software support, it addresses many of the shortcomings of its predecessor. If you can forgive the mediocre camera and missing wireless charging, there’s a lot to like about this phone. Right now, the unlocked 256GB model is $600, but it will eventually cost $700. Another powerful mid-range phone is here.

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The company has also upgraded its existing lineup.

Tile makes a tracker that uses Ultra Wideband (UWB) and Bluetooth and will work across both Android and iOS. UWB devices can transmit both directional and spatial data to narrow down their location with greater accuracy than via Bluetooth alone.

Tile Ultra’s Point and Locate feature allows you to use augmented reality to find the item that has turn-by-turn directions and a visual indication of where the tracker is. Tile is working with Google to improve the feature for phones running Android 12 and UWB. It is due to arrive in early 2022.

Until then, the company had announced the new Tile Pro, as well as revamped versions of the Sticker, Slim, and Mate trackers. Pro is the company’s strongest brand to date, with a detection range of 400 feet.

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For the feel of this premium router.

Netgear routers

we change

How much would you pay for the fastest home wireless network possible? It’s at least three packs.

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The company plans to start shipping the first motorcycle in late 2022.

VanMoof V hyperbike

Fan Move

E-bike maker VanMoof wants to move riders from A to B more quickly with its first high-speed model. The VanMoof V is the company’s first motorcycle, which will be able to reach a top speed of 31 mph (50 kph).

VanMoof is promoting this as an alternative to the car for city life and longer commutes, but because the speed limits for e-bikes vary across cities and counties, the e-bike will have identical speed settings. While it is developing the VanMoof V, the company plans to work with lawmakers and governments on e-bike rules, including geolocation and speed regulations.

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