The Duchess turns green to share Earth’s generation

The Duchess has brought back a familiar style of sharing today’s generation of Earth at the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Above, you see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arriving at Kew Gardens accompanied by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan (second from left). Danielle Stacy has more in her article Hello!

Generation Earth Shot … encourages students and teachers around the world to come up with ideas to solve the world’s biggest environmental challenges. It aims to unleash the potential of the next generation of inventors, innovators and leaders who will inherit our world and inspire enthusiasm to develop new solutions and protect our planet.

Here you see the couple with the mayor, who noticed it “Talking with young Londoners about the environmental challenges we face has never been more important.”

The Royal Family were also joined today by Olympic rowing champion Helen Glover and naturalist/announcer Steve Backshall as they spent time with students from Heathland School. In this picture, you see Mr. Backshall to Kate’s right.

Rebecca English shared a video of the Duchess sitting with some of the students.

more than Evening Standard Article – commodity.

Guests and students of Heathland School in Hounslow participated in a series of fun and thought-provoking activities developed as part of the initiative.

Kate and William mingled with young people and dignitaries, and took turns joining school children at activity tables and encouraging them to discuss environmental issues.

It’s Simon Berry the people a story.

The royal couple joined schoolchildren in a gorgeous park on the edge of London on Wednesday as they tried out new ideas to help fix the planet. William and Kate, both 39, aim to help launch big and bold plans to save the natural world – visions of change that students can commit to for years to come.

second opinion.

Prince William brought in the Ant-Man action figure because “it’s all about encouraging kids to use the power of superheroes to help save the world!” for every Daily Mail English Rebecca.

more than Belfast Telegraph:

The tables are also set aside for the superhero character to inspire them, and while Kate had Wonder Woman, William had the Ant-Man.

Youssef Rouen, 12, sat down with the Duke and said of William’s proposal: “One idea was to get all the superheroes together to pick up all the trash in space.

The Duchess laughs with the students.

Portrait of the Duke, Duchess, Mrs. Glover, Mr. Backshall and one of the students.

And a wider shot.

Today’s event comes before the inaugural Earthshot Awards on Sunday, five prizes worth £1,000,000 for people/organizations that have ideas that will help the environment significantly. More on the project from the Earthshot Award website:

Inspired by the Moonshot of President John F. Kennedy who united millions of people around a regulatory goal to put humans on the moon and spurred the development of new technology in the 1960s, the Earthshot Prize is centered around five simple but ambitious goals. for our planet which, if achieved by 2030, will improve life for all of us and for future generations.

Here is a video about the awards.

The Duchess will be awarding one of the five inaugural Earthshot Awards at today’s Earthshot Awards. more of this telegraph The Hana Furness story.

The 15 finalists, whose projects are located in 14 overseas countries, will apply from nearly all parts of the world, avoiding the carbon footprint of thousands of potential airline tickets.

The five prizes, which will award the winners £1 million for their environmental innovations, will be announced by the Duchess of Cambridge, Lady Emma Thompson, actress and feminist activist Emma Watson, actor and producer David Oyelowo and footballer Mo Salah.

Clara Ampho and Dermot O’Leary host the awards. Below, Prince William and the hosts.

Sir David Attenborough also plays a major role in the awards show. It takes place at Alexandra Palace in London. It will be broadcast on BBC One, BBC iPlayer and globally on Discovery’s Facebook page when it airs at 8pm GMT, 3pm EST.

Now for a look at what Kate wore to today’s engagement.

We start with the Erdem coat, the “Allie” design. It’s from Erdem’s pre-fall 2013 collection, and was first worn in New Zealand in April 2014.

Then again, in July 2014 for the start of the Tour de France.All photos by James Watling/Splash News

And the third time in March 2016 to participate in St. Thomas Hospital.

Look at all four occasions.

The dress is made of a wool crepe fabric with multiple seams and topstitching, front pockets, and exposed zips at the front and at the wrists.

A closer look at the details.

The jacket remains a bit mysterious. It is very similar to this style suggested by Zara by Innominate_93 on Twitter.

When comparing the sleeve ribbing, the ribbing on the Duchess’ jacket appears to be deeper than that on the Zara jacket.

I’ll fly out the door for an appointment that can’t be rescheduled and I’ll take a closer look when I come back and update the post. Update 6:30 pm: This appears to be the top that the Duchess wore. I’m not sure why there is a discrepancy in ribbing depth at the edge of the sleeve, but this may just be a manufacturing oddity. I’m not 100% convinced, but maybe 95% is there.

The Duchess brought back her Pangolin Haka-style earring ($251) by Patrick Mavros. They were first observed at an outside viewing party at Kensington Palace with Sir David Attenborough.

Her pants seem to be a new style, and her shoes are one of her pairs of black suede with a pointed toe. Not sure which one yet. Chrissy suggests that Middleton Muffin The belt is the same that is worn in Pakistan for the climate and cultural associations.

I’ll conclude with another shot of the Duchess at today’s engagement.


Here is a quick video from Earthshot.

Here is the video of the royal family channel.


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