Every detail from Brittany Murphy’s new doc that left us intrigued

Before meeting Simon Monjak, writer and director, in 2006, Brittany Murphy endured several “situations that left her sad,” ignorant boss Amy Heckerling He said, including the public separation from her just married Share in the star Ashton Kutcher And two broken links. Heckerling speculates, “She must have been looking for something.”

Once Murphy met Monjack, their relationship became very serious and they were inseparable.

“She wanted to marry him and I said, ‘Honey, it wasn’t long enough,'” Pal Cathy Nejmi recalls, revealing that only her mother was supportive of the romance. “I think Sharon was for marriage… We were all scared and terrified, like who this guy was and what was going on?”

After the couple married in a quiet ceremony in 2007, they became aloof, according to those close to her, rarely leaving their home, and here Murphy’s mother, Sharon, also lived.

“One day her numbers changed, and no one knew where she was,” Murphy’s longtime friend Lisa Revell She said. “She disappeared. Simon took her away. That was it. He made sure no one could get to her.”

According to Najimi, Monjack “was making all of her decisions, obviously getting her money. He would drive her to work, but he would wait for her. Every time there was a break, she would leave and go with him in the car. She became more and more restrictive.”

Sarah Hamill, work journalist the people A magazine at the time, details what I learned about the last months of Murphy’s life.

“Simon and Brittany were basically locked up in that house,” Hamill said. “They did really weird photoshoots in the middle of the night where he was dressed up like a doll.” “I became increasingly insecure about her looks, and increasingly paranoid about people going out to get her. Simon had cut the landlines so the only way you could get to Sharon or Brittany was via Simon. Simon and Brittany were even spending Late nights and they spend and then they drink coffee and take the uppers of the house. They rarely leave the house.”

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