Free Tech for Educators: Tour the Great Wall of China

After Google announced the closure of Google Expeditions earlier this year, Google Arts & Culture is the place to go to find plenty of virtual images that were available in Expeditions. Google Arts & Culture’s photo and story library has grown steadily throughout the year. The latest big addition to that library is found in the new Walk the Great Wall exhibit presented yesterday.

Walk the Great Wall includes a virtual tour of the Great Wall of China where you can view 360 immersive images of the towers and wall. The Walk the Great Wall exhibit also includes detailed pictures of wall bricks, short lessons on building the Great Wall of China, stories from myths and legends of the Great Wall of China, and plenty of end-to-end pictures of the Great Wall of China in all four seasons.

Learn with Google Arts & Culture

Earlier this year, Google introduced a new resource for educators called Learn With Google Arts & Culture. It’s a collection of lesson plans, Street View images, and virtual tours based on the content found in Google Arts & Culture.

The lesson plans are what make Learn With Google Arts & Culture worth mentioning. There are dozens of detailed lesson plans available through Learn with Google Arts & Culture. Lesson plans are very detailed and include links for students and teachers to follow. Much of each lesson plan you reviewed can be completed by students who work independently.

In this video, I provide an overview of Learn With Google Arts & Culture. The overview includes:

  • How to access lesson plans.
  • How to share certain parts of Google Arts and Culture In Google Classroom.
  • How to create groups of artifacts from Google Arts and Culture To share with your students.

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