The Department of Justice expected to immediately charge Steve Bannon with criminal contempt

The House is expected to move quickly to find Steve Bannon in criminal contempt of Congress, and the Justice Department will indict him within days.

NBC News’ Pete Williams explains how quickly the charges can come:

When asked how quickly the Department of Justice will act, Williams replied on MSNBC’s daily MTP, “I Think right away. They will get a referral from Congress. Congress will act quickly. The US attorney general will act within days. “

It seems that it won’t be long before American infantrymen knock on Steve Bannon’s door to take him into custody. One might expect some of Trump’s 1/6th associates’ defiance to wane once people start filing criminal charges and throwing them in jail.

Not everyone called up has the same level of financial resources as Steve Bannon or Mark Meadows.

Bannon may soon find himself behind bars, as criminal charges seem to come quickly.

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