The January 6 panel announced that it will vote next Tuesday on a criminal contempt referral against Steve Bannon

The congressional committee announced Jan. 6 on Thursday that it will vote next Tuesday on a criminal contempt motion against former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon.

The commission wants to call Steve Bannon to testify so that they can harass him for his role in their artificial “rebellion”. The committee will not investigate Pelosi’s role in preventing the National Guard from protecting the U.S. Capitol that day. Nor will the committee investigate details of the four Trump supporters who died that day — including two women killed by Capitol police.

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ABC7 reported:

A congressional committee investigating the insurgency set a Jan. 6 vote to recommend criminal contempt charges against former White House aide Steve Bannon after he defied the committee’s subpoena.

Representative Benny Thompson, D-Mace, said the committee will vote next Tuesday to recommend the charges. This will send the recommendation to the full House of Representatives for a vote.

If the House votes to recommend contempt charges against Bannon, the Justice Department will ultimately decide whether or not to prosecute. The commission requested documents and testimony from Bannon, who was in contact with President Donald Trump before the violent attack.

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