Eagles vs.Bccaneers end result, results: Fournette touchdowns help Tampa survive Eagles late comeback

Philadelphia made things interesting of late, but in the end it wasn’t enough as Tampa Bay took a road win to advance 5-1 on the season Thursday night.

The Buccaneers took a 28-22 win, which seemed less safe after the Eagles scored a two-point attack and turn to make it a six-point match, but was eventually called out for taunts and then several times later, putting the Buccaneers ahead. In a good field position to walk away victorious.

It was a balanced offensive performance for Tampa. Bruce Arians ran the ball 32 times and threw 42 times, and Tom Brady and Leonard Fournette scored two goals each. Brady & Company also made 27 first touchdowns for Philly’s 16.

Once again, the rushing Eagles attack was led by quarterback Galen Hurts, who held his place atop the rushing Eagles. He had 10 moves for 44 yards and two touchdowns, while completing only 50 percent of his passes and collecting only 113 yards in the air. The Eagles also struggled hard in third, converting only three times in 10 attempts.

The win keeps Tampa Bay safe at the top of the NFC Southern standings with a game against Chicago next week. Meanwhile, Philadelphia will be looking to stop the bleeding when it drops to 2-4 and is third in the NFC East.

Sports News tracked all the updates and live coverage from Thursday night’s Week 6 football match. Updates and features below.

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Eagles points vs pirates

x 1 Q 2 Q3 Q 4 extra time F
pirate 14 7
the Eagles 7 0

Live updates between pirates vs eagles, highlights from ‘Thursday Night Football’

Final: Tampa Bay 28, Philadelphia 22

11:20 pm: The Bucs kneeled to finish it and would move to 5-1 on the season with a 28-22 win.

11:18 pm: Brady takes three yards to score first, a Philly 6 goal and a two-minute warning.

11:15 pm: Antonio Brown in a 27-yard dart pulls Brady off for third and seventh. Huge play for Bucs chances to stay on track to win. The ball is on Philly 18 with 2:35 left.

11:07 p.m.: Eagles touch. For the second time in as many weeks, Jalen Hurts is experiencing two precipitous slowdowns. That’s two yards away with 5:52 left. Tampa Bay 28, Philadelphia 22 After Keyes and Watkins realized the two-point conversion attempt.

11:01 pm: The Bucs can’t win a fourth and flip it when toppled by Brady. Philly takes charge of his team 46 with 8:59 to play.

11:00 pm: After jumping in third, Bock’s attack remains on the field fourth and second from the Eagles 46.

10:58 pm: The Bucs walk close to the midfield after a missed field goal by the Eagles. It’s third and 11th from the Tampa 46 for the Bucks.

10:52 pm: Jake Elliott’s 46 yards wide is pushed to the right and that’s no good. 28-14 games left with 12:38 remaining.

10:51 PM: In third and eighth, Hurts is under pressure and is out of pocket, but throws it too far to set up a 46-yard field goal.

10:49 pm: Finally, the Eagles had a decent-sized sprint, this one for 11 yards by Miles Sanders. After a few missed opportunities, she comes in third and tenth from the Bucs 28 team.

10:49 pm: Hurts finds DeVonta Smith in his second catch of the night. He puts the Eagles across the midfield as they look to make it one game late in the fourth game.

End of the third quarter: Tampa 28, Philadelphia 14

10:42 PM: The third quarter came to a close with Tampa holding onto a lead of two touchdowns.

10:32 p.m.: Eagles touch. Jalen Hurts keeps himself in the scramble and takes 6 yards for a fourth and third place result. The eagles cut their impotence. Tampa Bay 28, Philly 14.

10:23 p.m.: TOUCHDOWN BUCCANEERS. Fournette finds the end zone again, which is the second TD in the game. 5:47 Left in Q3 after 12 plays, 79 yards drive. Tampa 28, Philly 7.

10:16 pm: Brady fired a missile at OJ Howard again for the first time to put the Bucs in the red.

10:12 PM: Brady delivers the ball to Fortnite in third and one of the Tampa 30 and earns 20 yards to put the Bucks into the midfield.

10:07 pm: The Eagles go three times again, this time to start the second half. They’re tossing it away from 28.

First Half: Tampa Bay 21, Philadelphia 7

10:01 pm: Some first half stats:

Tampa recorded 16 first defeats in the first half, compared to just five for the Eagles. The Bucs also have 233 total attacking yards in the first half while the Eagles only have 73. Each team has a turn and Tampa leads in a position time of 21:05-8:55.

9:49 pm: The Eagles go by three after an interception and Tampa takes the lead at 18 after a corner kick to end the half.

9:44 p.m.: Philadelphia Intercept. Brady broadcasts it up looking for Antonio Brown to finish third and fourth, but it’s in the hands of Anthony Harris. Philly takes over alone 32 with 1:14 remaining in the first half.

9:33 p.m.: TOUCHDOWN TAMPA BAY. Leonard Fournette runs on his second touchdown of the year, that’s from two yards away. Tampa Bay 21, Philadelphia 7 With 1:56 remaining in the first half.

9:30 pm: Brady hits OJ Howard again for 11 yards for the first time and puts Tampa well inside the red after Jamel Dean intercepts.

9:26 p.m.: InterCEPTION TAMPA BAY. A receiver’s heart hurts again, this time it’s Ques Watkins. Jamal Deen exists to facilitate objection. Tampa ball on its own 27.

9:23 pm: Ertz remains a favorite target for Hurts. His second capture of the game and this is the first big time /

9:16 pm: After a long, drawn-out review, Philly’s defense doesn’t go so far as to intercept, but charges three teams as Tampa kicks it away.

9:12 PM: The Eagles’ kick was taken down at Tampa 39, which put the Bucs in good position to attack again and get on the board before the first half.

9:10 pm: In third and fifth from Philly 22, the Eagles can’t turn as Hurts knocks down Aertz and flings him away.

9:07 pm: The Eagles take charge at 17 penalty kicks against Tampa Bay and are looking to strike back.

End of the first quarter: Pirates 14, Eagles 7

8:55 p.m.: TOUCHDOWN, TAMPA BAY. Brady throws a second TD of the night, 23 yards to Brown with 33 seconds to go in the quarter. Brady slipped away from the pressure before hitting Brown wide open in the middle of the field at Philly 5. Tampa Bay 14, Philadelphia 7.

8:46 pm: After the score scored by the Eagles, Brady and Leonard Fournette made a career for the boxers. First and 10 of 41.

8:41 p.m.: TOUCHDOWN PHILADELPHIA. The Eagles answer with a score of their own because Hurts has a narrow end wide open for Zach Ertz to land. Philadelphia 7, Tampa Bay 7. Landing is the first TD unlocking drive allowed by Bucs all season.

8:40 pm: He hurts it down the field to Galen Rigor and tosses it in second and 20 but PI on Tampa Bay takes the ball to the Bucks 5.

8:37 pm: In third and twelfth, Hurts hits Quayes Watkins for 23 yards and crosses the midfield. The pass was passed by the Tampa defender and Watkins adjusted midway to pull it off.

8:35 pm: Galen Hurts of Philadelphia keeps the lead alive in the third and seventh with an 11-yard dash. His status as a hasty leader on the team continues.

8:29 pm: TOUCHDOWN TAMPA BAY. Brady floats one over Ryan Kerrigan’s head and right into OJ Howard’s hand at the back of the end zone. Tampa on the board first. Tampa Bay 7, Philadelphia 0 With 9:26 left in the first.

8:28 pm: Chris Goodwin pulls in a 10-yard pass from Brady for the first time in third and eighth. Puts the box in the Eagles 6.

8:26 pm: Brady is perfect so far in the scrolling game. 3 for 3 for 47 yards and puts Tampa inside the red.

8:24 pm: Brady’s first pass of the night goes to Antonio Brown for 9 yards and the first down. Tampa at 38.

8:22 pm: The Eagles won the lottery and were postponed. Tampa starts the game at 25 on its own.

What is Eagles vs. Channel. Buccaneers tonight?

The game will be broadcast by both Fox and NFL Network as well as streamed live on Amazon Prime. Joe Buck will lead play-by-play missions while Troy Aikman joins him in the Hall of Fame as an Analyst.

Meanwhile, viewers in Canada can watch the game exclusively on DAZN with a subscription.

Eagles vs pirates start time

  • date : Thursday 14th October
  • time 8:20 PM ET

The game will take place at 8:20 p.m. at Lincoln Financial Stadium in Philadelphia.

pirate schedule 2021

week date Discount start time TV
1 September 9 vs cowboy 8:20 pm NBC
2 September 19 against the hawks 4:05 pm Fox
3 September 26 in rams 4:25 pm Fox
4 October 3 in the patriots 8:20 pm NBC
5 October 10 vs dolphins 1 pm CBS
6 October 14 in the eagles 8:20 pm Fox
7 October 24 against bears 4:25 pm CBS
8 October 31 in the saints 4:25 pm Fox
9 November 7 Farewell
10 November 14 in WFT 1 pm Fox
11 November 22 against the giants 8:15 pm ESPN
12 November 28 in the ponies 1 pm Fox
13 December 5 in the hawks 1 pm Fox
14 December 12 for bills 4:25 pm CBS
15th December 19 against the saints 8:20 pm NBC
16 December 26 in leopards 1 pm Fox
17 January 2 In Gates 1 pm Fox
18 January 9 opposite the leopards 1 pm Fox

Eagles schedule 2021

week date Discount start time TV
1 September 12 in the hawks 1 p.m. Eastern time Fox
2 September 19 against 49ers 1 p.m. Eastern time Fox
3 September 27 In the Cowboys (Mon) 8:15 PM ET ESPN
4 October 3 opposite the bosses 1 p.m. Eastern time CBS
5 October 10 in leopards 1 p.m. Eastern time Fox
6 October 14 Against Pirates (Thursday) 8:20 PM ET Fox / NFL
7 October 24 in Raiders 4:05 p.m. ET Fox
8 October 31 in Lions 1 p.m. Eastern time Fox
9 November 7 versus chargers 4:05 p.m. ET CBS
10 November 14 in Bronco 4:25 p.m. ET CBS
11 November 21 against the saints 1 p.m. Eastern time Fox
12 November 28 in giants 1 p.m. Eastern time Fox
13 December 5 In Gates 1 p.m. Eastern time CBS
14 December 12 Farewell
15th December 18 or 19 Opposite Washington (Saturday or Sun.) to be announced later on to be announced later on
16 December 26 against the giants 1 p.m. Eastern time Fox
17 January 2 in Washington 1 p.m. Eastern time Fox
18 January 9 vs cowboy 1 p.m. Eastern time Fox

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